Life Without Adult Day Health Centers?

March 28, 2011 § 3 Comments

Jada, a 77-year old widow, tells me from her easy chair in a shady living room illuminated by the glow of the tv screen:

“Oh… he [California Governor Schwarzenegger] cut a lot, he cut. You can’t have anything to do with your teeth anymore, you can’t go to the dentist, you can’t go to the podiatrist, you can get your eyes examined but you can’t get glasses, and my glasses, my last pair of glasses, has this thing is about to come off,  I wanna see if it can be repaired.”  

This was two years ago. In July 2009, MediCal – the free health care system for low-income Californians – stopped providing access to incontinence pads, eye care, dental care, foot care, speech therapists and psychologists.

Last week, the new Governor cut funds to Adult Day Health Centers: “State whacks Adult Day Health Care system” reads the first page of the San Francisco Chronichle.

Jada attends one, she enjoys her time there. Several other informants praise the personnel at their centers. Adult day health centers are a good place to meet friends, social workers, and nurses and just get out from familiar walls.

Without them, life is much harder – especially with a son in prison like Jada, or without friends and family members nearby like may others.

What is the hardest part of living alone, I ask Jada.

She says: “Having company”

“Having company?”, I ask.

“Yeah, getting people to come and see you.”


§ 3 Responses to Life Without Adult Day Health Centers?

  • lapkoff says:

    Our new governor, Jerry Brown, ought to be restoring funding for these basic needs of the aged, not taking more away from them! What’s up with that???

  • Dana Swain says:

    I just saw a video on CNN about a really successful health day care for seniors in Rio. It’s in the City of God, one of the worst favelas with high crime and poverty rates. And yet it is very successful–nothing fancy, it just works. So if Brazil can have a system that supports our elderly with respect, why can’ the United States?

  • CT Weber says:

    The changes needed should be coming from the top down, but the problem in at the top Adult Day Health Centres are the furthest thing from their minds as they have the money to provide alternative assistance. The whole system needs ripping up and starting again look at where we are today..its a joke.. one step forward and then two steps back for the poor

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