April 2, 2012 § 1 Comment

 Have you ever been at a meeting where your jaws dropped for the excitement? My jaws dropped in the very heart of Manchester, in a high-ceiling room with stunning Gothic windows. I was with my great mentor, social gerontologist Chris Phillipson from Keele University, the man in the picture with me.

In that room I learned that an idea that I treasured is finally a reality. Last Thursday March 29 around 30 people, city and foundation officials and a few academics met to discuss the development of “Age Friendly Cities” in England. As Lisa Warth, an officer of the World Health Organization (WHO), explained, Age Friendly City and Community is an initiative of the WHO. Thanks to this initiative, cities can commit to join the network of other cities that are already creating policies to make sure that older adults thrive in their community. It is a network of best practices endorsed by the international community.
The endorsement matters because it creates visibility and pressure among city players.
I can’t wait to share my learning with the San Francisco players!


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