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When I was living in Italy, I enjoyed receiving a bunch of mimosa, the soft and beautiful yellow flower in the picture, for March 8, the day of the woman.On that day, I spent the evening with my “amiche”, my female friends. In the United States the custom of giving each other mimosas does not exist and I do miss it. Of course, every day is the day of us women, no doubt about it. Yet, this day is a good reminder that still much is left to be done for us  women to reach parity with our male counterparts. But it is not really what I want to discuss today.

Today I want to celebrate Viviana Ferrrari, an 88-year old resident of Monteverde, a town nearby Rome. Viviana was killed in her home, a robbery, three days ago. Her corpse was found  by a neighbor. Family members were not alerted by her silence since Viviana was the only one left in her family. This is a small town in central Italy, not New York or Dallas or Chicago.  It is important that we pay respect and attention to an increasing number of women living alone in older age.Image


Article here:


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