Too Good!

September 20, 2013 § 1 Comment

Yes, living alone can be heaven indeed, as the piece on “The 10 Best Things About Living Alone” indicates. Let’s indulge on the perks of flying solo and forget, at least for a few minutes, its challenges.  So, before you do move in with someone, read this!



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  • L. R. says:

    This is a good discovery; had no idea, I had so much company. (And, you know what they say, about what Misery loves! LAL (LAUGH ALONE). Direct me to site, where we can share our decrepitude, with positive humour and reality, we are terminally locked in a body closing down, and we feel like we should apologize for reacting to increasing pain and disability; or God help us wonder at a Medical system throwing conflicting meds at us; their sales rep explained to them, while we learn more about on the Net, from experts,yes; but, equally , from other users real experiences. Finally, when addressing the plight of any “like” group.? Try to remember, your empathy, need not make an aged person into some kind of character.

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