July 8, 2014 § 3 Comments

“You know, I can live on the moon, I am a paraplegic, and I can live on the moon, it is just a question of will.” These are the words of a paraplegic activist recited by heart by Dave, a disabled man in his 60s who lives alone in North Beach, the Italian neighborhood of San Francisco. Dave and I meet in the local library, and Dave reminds me over and over again that everything is possible if there is a political will. In his words the struggles of the disabled merge with those faced by older adults living alone like him.

The bottom line is that young and old disabled, living alone or not, can remain in their homes if there is a political system equipped to allow them to do so, independently from their income. So let’s be very wary of articles popping up on the web with paternalistic titles sounding like “signs that tell you that mom an pop cannot live alone anymore.”

Personally, I want to use my energy to contribute to a political, economic and social system that will allow me to live wherever I want in the last decades of my life. Rather than on the cool moon, my wish is to remain in my community surrounded by persons I love, exactly as it is today.


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  • K. Adonna says:

    This is just fabulous — all of your posts are. Beginning a contribution-based series on my humble blog about living alone, these are conversations my friends and I are having now in our 40’s and 50’s++. I am following you for inspiration and validation! Thank you.

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